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Night Sky » by Peter Sawers


Night Sky » by Peter Sawers


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What the fuck? Whitewashing? It’s a danish fairy tale! You can’t just throw in diversity for the sake of it. It has to make sense, thats like if people were like “Why are there only Chinese people in Mulan?” Because it takes place in fucking China before anyone immigrated there!



"typical light hair, fair skinned, blue eyes" The only other Disney princesses that fits that description all the way would be Cinderella and Aurora. The only other one close is Rapunzel. Disney does extremely well with making the animated princesses fit the time period and area they are from. Let me show you a thing.

Alright this is Snow White. The whole reason this is her name is because her skin was as white as the fucking snow. She had hair as black as a raven. And lips as red as a rose. Snow White was originally a GERMAN fairytale. Ya know what color they are in Germany? White….

Now this bitch right here is Cinderella. This movie was made in 1950. Ya know what was going on in 1950? Segregation. So I doubt that in 1950 they would make some black fairytale princess considering Walt Disney was white and all the employees at Disney were white, and I’m sorry but in the 1950’s all the white people were racists. Yes, Walt Disney was fucking racist. But that’s because of when he grew up and how things were. He was actually a pretty loving and kind man and I’m sure that he would’ve had an open mind to ending segregation if he had grew up different. FYI Cinderella is French. French people be white.

This chick right here. Her name is Aurora. Her movie was made in 1969. There were still racist little bastards then. But ya know what, she’s also freaking French. And in her original fairytale her hair was the color of sunshine gold, and lips that shamed the red red rose.

Now meet Ariel. She is often times many people’s favorite cause she’s fun and quirky and her hair looks like a fucking fire truck. Her fairytale is Danish. Danish people are white. The Danish fairytale though? It’s actually based off of stories sailors told of seeing this girl with bright red hair and the tail of a fish. Idk, but have you ever seen a naturally red headed black woman. Cause I haven’t….

Now Belle here is the frenchiest of the French. Her story is actually based in France. Not just a nice fairytale that was made in France. Again, French people are white. But you see light hair on her. No. She is brunette! And she has brown eyes. Nuff said.

Now this…. this is Jasmine. She is not white, she does not have light hair, and she does not have light eyes. She is brown. And beautifully so. And she’s not so sweet and fragile either. She is independent and don’t need no man.She is Arabic and she looks like it. I don’t see any white washing here. See this is where white washing would ACTUALLY come into play. If they made Princess Jasmine, based off of Princess Badroulbadour from an Arabic folk tale, and made her white. A white girl in Agrabah. Nope.

My personal favorite. Pocahontas. Again. No white washing. She is nice and brown, and has nice Indian features. Thing about her? She was a real lady. In fact her sequel actually told her story better than the first one.

Meet mulan. She’s Chinese. She saved China. Nuff said.

This lovely lady is Tiana. She made a lot of ground as being the first black Disney Princess. She was from New Orleans. She’s american. This movie was based in the 1920’s and they did her right because she was a waitress, working 3 jobs just to make a few dollars a day. She lived in the slums/the ghetto with all the other colored folk. They kept it right to the time period they were representing but they also made her fa-boo!

Now this chicky is my girl punzy. She is the first Disney Princess since 1991 that was white. I think 20 years time is a good amount of time to bring in another white Princess. Disney had wanted to do Rapunzel for a long time. She’s one of the classic fairytale princesses. Everyone know who this chick was, but there was no Disney movie about her. The reason why they didn’t she make her movie in the 90’s was because she was white. She was just another, golden haired, fair skinned, damsel in distress. I am soooo happy they waited on this one too. Cause after being in the works for so long they took this story about a chick with long hair being rescued by a Prince, and they made her this barefoot, rebellious, bad-ass, sweetheart, that was magical and already a Princess. In fact her “prince” wasn’t a prince. He was a thief. And the coolest thing, so that she wasn’t just a typical blonde princess, they cut off her hair and it turned brown. So now she’s this edgy but sweet brunette, short-haired, girl. Also, the original fairytale is German, so Disney stayed true to it’s roots and kept her in a German setting.

This is Princess Merida. She is Scottish. Technically white. But still not just some American accent, blonde, white girl. She made a big leap in the Princess world because unlike all the others who are all strong too, she didn’t even find love in the movie. Who knows, maybe they’ll make a sequel a few years later where she’s older and more grown up and she gets married. Fun fact, Brave is loosely based around Scottish folklore of King Fergus.

So yeah, white washing would be if they made the beautiful ethnic ladies here just white. Alot of fairytales come from mainly white countries. Disney is just trying to tell a good story. Maybe they should look more into some Arabic fairytales, maybe some African ones. But all they’re doing is staying true to stories and lands.

I love you.


Say it with me now:

French people are not all white.

German people are not all white.

Danish people are not all white.

They haven’t ever all been white. Because migration.

A Black people can have red hair (look it up! And blonde!)

And bloody hell, a mermaid can be whatever colour you want.

And it’s a cartoon and there is a thing called artistic licence!

And what the hell do you mean by ‘technically white’ for the Scottish princess?

Scottish people are not all white. But the ones who are white ARE WHITE. Whiteness (and privileges that go along with whiteness) IS NOT AN AMERICAN PHENOMENON. It is a complex set of ideas but the general consensus is Scottish people who are white ARE WHITE (though this view was different 200 years ago, aye). 

Source: I am Scottish. Even in a country that is overwhelmingly white we have major populations who have been here for centuries who are not white. 

Disney chooses to set its stories in eras where whiteness is accepted to be the default by viewers like you. FUNNY HOW SELECTIVE IT IS NO?

Say it with me:

Every culture has fairytales.

Some are world-famous (check out the diversity of the Blue/Red/Yellow Books which are from Edwardian times). Disney, however, ignores even the most westernised world fairytales in favour of a Eurocentric approach.


Don’t judge the world on what you think you know of it. You’re like Ariel in her cave, looking at her objects. You think Europe is white. You think there are maybe some stories out there. 

Go out and learn these stories. Get yourself learnt.

Lovely rant there :)

As a fellow Scot I know a lot of folk on the west coast of Scotland who are decidedly dark skinned and black haired. I believe this comes from the wrecking of a number of ships off the west coast in past centuries and the sailors who were rescued and stayed on. I understand there’s a lot of Spanish blood on the west coast of Scotland and I dare say some Moorish blood too.

In more recent times (maybe 30+ years ago) a ship was held in port in northern Scotland (something was wrong with it) and a number of the Egyptian crew stayed on and married local girls. 

I met one of the sons of such a marriage when he was working on something in my house. He was telling us about coming through an English airport after all the anti-terrorism measures kicked in and being picked out for a search because of his colour.

That’s when he told me about his father and the ship which brought him to Scotland … because of the diversity of skin tones in Scotland it hadn’t occurred to me he was anything other than a Scot.

Scotland is a divers and rainbow nation and has been for centuries. Maybe that’s why colour isn’t really an issue here.

Oct 2, 2013 10:15pm
Jul 13, 2013 1:41pm

So, I hear Dodgy Dave wants to stick his nose into the Scottish Independence Referendum debates again and he’s going to concentrate on “Britishness”. Well done, Dave, that’ll be a winner … aye, right.

First of all, what is “Britishness”? The Scots, Irish (from both sides of the Irish border), Welsh and English all live in what is known as the British Isles. As it happens, many people who might consider themselves to be of a different ethnic origin also live in the British Isles and have done so for generations.

In the sense that we all share these islands as our home, we are all British, including the inhabitants of Eire (the larger part of the island which lies west of England) which has been an independent nation for many years now. I bet they don’t really think of themselves as particularly “British”.

It’s going to be interesting to see what Dave comes up with to try and persuade us, the Scots, to remain in the UK on the basis of “Britishness”.

The culture and heritage of each of the component countries in the British Isles is quite different one from another. For example, while England was conquered and ruled over by the Romans, Scotland remained wild and free, we do not have the same heritage at all.

You could choose many aspects of our history, from which our culture has arisen, and you would find great differences between England, which is the largest of the countries making up the British Isles, and Scotland, Wales, Ireland.

But you don’t have to delve into the history of the British  Isles in the last two millennia to see the differences which exist even today. In my own childhood I had the misfortune to move house from Scotland to England and the cultural differences, even though I was only 7 years old, were stark.

I had been doing a project in school in Elgin on the subject of Mary Queen of Scots, a personal heroine, but when I took my schoolwork to the new English school I attended the work was rubbished. Apparently Mary wasn’t the amazing historical person I knew and loved, oh my goodness, no, she was a very bad person executed by the magnificent Elizabeth, Queen of England.

In a way, I am ever grateful for that episode, though it shocked me at the time, because it was an early introduction to a simple fact: when two countries write about the same historical event, they will not view it in the same way but each will tell the story from their own standpoint. A liberator on one side of a border can be an oppressor on the other, or one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. It’s an understanding which has always served me well.

In the mid to late 1950s there was a remarkable amount of ignorance around. Sweeping statement, I know, but you must remember this was in the era before the internet which allows every man, woman and child access to as much information as they would like. I know there are still plenty of people who ignore that simple fact but, in any case, the world wide web didn’t exist and the lives of most folk were much more insular.

Even television was a new thing then and very few people had one in their house. Private telephones weren’t common. A refrigerator or washing machine was a distant dream for most housewives.  The World for most people revolved around the place they lived. Even so, at the age of seven I discovered that some English people thought Scotland was a town. This may explain why it was so common for someone hearing a Scottish accent to invariably enquire “You’re from Scotland? Do you know (insert name here) she / he lives in Scotland”

But there was another difference I knew from living in England for a couple of my childhood years. I had never been called a “Jock” before but it was crystal clear it was an insult. I was also left in no doubt that my Scottish accent was hilariously funny and marked me out as a lesser species, a second class citizen. This was racism in England in the 1950s, racism against those born and bred in the British Isles (ask any Paddy, Jock or Taff). Just at a time when an influx of people from the “Colonies” were moving to England.

As a child with a Scottish accent there were no real role models in England. If you didn’t speak the “Queen’s English” you didn’t get anywhere in life, learn to speak with marbles in your mouth and you might have a respectable future but a regional accent was out of the question, it meant you were common. So I learned to lose my Scottishness, or as it was described in England “Scotchness”.

These weren’t the only lessons I learned in England but they have stuck with me in the decades since and it still rankles.

I can guarantee that what Dodgy Dave thinks of as “Britishness” does not include any aspect of Welshness, Irishness, Scottishness, nor even Geordieness, Cornishness or any other kind of ness. Dodgy Dave’s idea of “Britishness” is almost guaranteed to be a very exclusive kind of upper-class South-East-of-Englishness. It’s just not cricket, Dave, you need to get with the programme.

So go for it, Dave, do your worst and let’s all see how out of touch you really are with reality. Give us all a great big laugh at your expense because “Britishness” simply doesn’t exist and, regardless of what you may believe, Dave, an independent Scotland, just like the Republic of Ireland, will still be part of the British Isles and therefore by default can be described as “British”.

Perhaps we’ll get as big a laugh as we did this week when one part of UKgov decided to tell us they might annexe Faslane if Scotland votes for independence, in order to retain somewhere to park their nukes, only to be swiftly ruled out of order by another part of UKgov as a ludicrous idea. What was ludicrous was the announcement of that scaremongering threat to annexe (yet another) part of Scotland’s territory on the same day that darling Alistair was trying to tell us the positive case for the union … we’re still looking for that. Could it be there isn’t one?

So come on down, Dave, waltz into the discussion with your upper-class marbles in your mouth and tell us all how much better off we would be if only we would surrender all our rights to the ruling elite residing in the South East (of England). After all, as I learned at seven years of age, you’re so far superior to us that we should be grateful you take the time to save us from actually thinking about our own best interests.

Alternatively you could simply keep your worthless, privileged, Tory opinions to yourself and let us Scots get on with our business our way.

We’ll let you know in due course what we’ve decided and then you can hand us back the large area of Scottish waters annexed by England under Tony Blair – just one of a modern day parcel of rogues. The settlement we’ll see about when the time comes then you, or a subsequent PM, will have the job of explaining to the rest of the UK how you’ve got rid of a bunch of subsidy junkies but because they took their oil and gas, their renewable energy, their food and beverage exports and so many other things which belong to the Scottish people, England is going to be so much worse off.

What happens when our revenues don’t flow through Westminster’s coffers any more? Scots will be better off, that’s what happens. Scots can decide our own priorities for spending our own National Income – think of the fortune we will save by not contributing to nuclear weapons and think of the hospitals, schools, public housing etc etc that all those squillions of wasted money could benefit.

Sorry, Dave, but it’s a no-brainer. If you want a better future for Scotland and the Scots there is only one way and that is to vote for independence in September 2014.

As a footnote, I find it interesting that the integral spellchecker on my machine recognises Englishness but not Welshness, Scottishness, Irishness or even “Britishness”. There’s something very telling about that.

Mar 24, 2013 1:10am
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